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Mat 16: 5-12 “…And they reasoned among themselves, saying, “It is because we have taken no bread.””

Reasoning and questioning among themselves – Other disciples mostly reasoned and questioned among themselves rather asked those questions with the Lord. The more we involve Him in our questions and reasoning, the more clarity and closeness we will have with Him. We may have heard a message indicating that we should not ask God ‘WHY’. Question His sovereignty is a not wise thing, but asking our doubts, placing our worldly reasoning in His presence will always give us clarity in our thought process. God the Holy Spirit will always gives us answer through situations or through a verse in the scripture. Our Lord never refused to answer any questions except when He was handed over to the enemies. He knew the motive behind each question. If we are cunning in our motive, meaning trying to justify what we do is right, and then He may answer it accordingly. If we are thirsty to know what is right and what is wrong to live a holy life, then He will answer it accordingly. He likes men and women with thirst to know Him more. Let approach God in prayer with a thirst and let us not afraid to ask our questions and doubts. That is how our fellowship with God will grow more and more.