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Eze 20:43-44 and you shall loathe yourselves in your own sight because of all the evils that you have committed. 44 Then you shall know that I am the LORD

If we look at the scripture most of the places when God wants to reveal Himself to a person, He always introduces Who He is. To Jacob, Moses, Israelites, Paul etc… The first thing to know about our Lord, is to know Him Who He is. Without Him, making Himself known to us, we will not able to know Him.

‘I am the Lord your God’ is an affirmation from God to us as His children. If we have this confirmation then as Thomas said we would be saying to Him, ‘my God and my Lord’. Removing idolatry from our midst and from our heart is the beginning of knowing Christ. If we bring Idolatry in our life at any point in time, then we are breaking this covenant with Him and rejecting Him as our Lord and our God. To a group of people who forgot the Lord; to a group of people who went behind idols and money; to these groups, He says ‘I am the Lord your God’. He wants them to come back to the fold and enjoy His pastures. First thing in knowing Him, is to know who He is. The knowledge of Christ is given by the Father through His Spirit to all who earnestly seek Him to find Him. These earnest seekers will see God in action and will know Him. This is what we can call as Personal Revelation. One has to know Him personally to call Him ‘Abba Father’