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The iniquities of the nations are before Me. The word is at a distance. The price for it is at a distance. There is no teacher or philosopher to guide them. How long shall they live like this? Once a dramatic city, once a city of wealth, once a city of shelter, is exposed now to see its nakedness. The One who clothed it, had removed its garments to expose its nakedness. Who is there to proclaim its nakedness to this city? Who is there to tell them that they are on the edge of a war? The evil is designated for them. It is already put in place to destroy the city. Wail at this city. A city once stood tall and proud.

Hear Me, oh sons of men. Do not shut your ears to what I say. Do not close your eyes to righteousness. When calamity strikes, there is nowhere to run. How will you face the day of the Lord, when the Lord meets His creation. Do not sleep and slumber. Your sleep is very sweet for you now, but when there is sores in your body, this sleep will be a thing that you do not want to happen.

Many men lost their faith in finding truth. Many men lost their souls in finding their riches. Men climb high to reach his goal. He smashes and dashes those that are in his way and climb to the top. Did he reach the top? No, I will say, they climbed hard to be seen in sheol. They climbed hard to lose their place on the most glorious place. They climbed hard in the wrong direction.

To the sons of men, who has the ear to listen and a heart to follow: Why there is no rest for you? Why there is no satisfaction in what you have and what you do? You rise in morning run as a machine and come back and lay down and then doing the same thing repeatedly in vain. What is that you are looking for? What is that you want to be different from others? What is that in your mind to achieve?

Is it covetousness in your mind, is it seeking rest or is it seeking your Savior. What is in your mind? Come out of it whatever you have in your mind. Let us talk plainly. How do you classify yourselves? Spiritual or not so spiritual or carnal or I do not care who I am. What do you think of yourselves? Speak now. I am listening. What is in your heart? Pour it out so that I can see.

An animal, which is hidden in the midst of the bush to attack its prey, is difficult to find. Likewise, your thoughts are hiding inside your heart to attack its prey. If you do not identify it, then it will turn back and attack your own soul. So bring it out. Lay it out in front of Me. We will evaluate it together.

There are different types of men. There is who does not have any desire and just go with the flow of life. Some do have desire to prosper and to save more things behind him for his family and others. Some have the zeal to satisfy their spiritual thirst. There are some who drunk themselves to the pleasures of this world.

If I have to pick, I may pick those who have the zeal to satisfy their spiritual thirst. However, in spite of their zeal, they place their zeal in wrong places. They run behind many sources to satisfy the zeal. They try different things and then finally they end up in emptiness. Neither they have enjoyed the worldly pleasures nor did they found the right river to quench their thirst.

So what is in you today that you want to achieve? Covetousness will bring tiredness and ultimately death. The pleasures of this world is like a smoke, when the morning rises everything will be vanished. So what is that you want to achieve?

The honest seeker will find an honest answer.

Why do you despise Me?

Why do you delay in finding Me?

What is that stopping you to come to Me?

World, Sin, Pleasures, Zeal, fear what is it? Bring it out so that we can settle our scores.

Life and death is appointed to a man who is born in this world whoever it may be. Death and eternal death is appointed to those who do not know Me.  Death and eternal life is appointed to who knew Me. So what is stopping you from knowing Me?

These words are from the beginning. These are heard in the streets, dreams, thoughts and in every place where a man’s spirit can listen. But, lo very few people are listening, and that to very few are listening to it and do what is necessary. Some ignore it to their death and some scoff at that to judgment. Some grab that to their heart and found ME to have eternal life.

Why do you place your zeal in front of a carved image that does not even have a breath in their nostrils? Why do place your petition before an idol who can not hear? Why do you worship a beast when it turns back at you and kill you? Why?

My presence is open for you today to display your case. You can come anytime to Me to petition it till you have breath in your nostrils. When there is time, make use of it. When the breath leaves you, then I have to take it to judgment and if I found that there is no Living Water, then I will cast you to eternal suffering and death. Why delay, bring out what is in your heart today to My presence and we will see what is needed for your soul.

Are you ready to meet Me? Are you ready to have Living Water in your soul? Are you ready? Listen to your spirit and it will scream for help, so do not delay, come to Me.

“Come to Me (Jesus Christ), all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Mat 11:28-29.

God bless you