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My People, My People, Listen, Did I not formed you? Did I not create you? Did I not give you the breath of life? Did I not comfort you? Did I not care for you and brought you up thus far? Did I not supplied all your needs and fed you?  Why did you forgot Me? Why you went far away from Me? What did you lack? You ate from My flocks and herd’s fatness.  You drank the milk from it. You were filled with the fatness from it. What did you lack? What did you lack? Why did you turn away from Me? Why are you so rebellious? Why are you showing your back on Me? The time is near. The day is getting over soon; the night is drawing near. The time to cover you with the powers of darkness is coming. When the darkness surrounds, you will long for the light. There is will be a time when the light flees away from you. You will search fire to light the candle, but you will not find fire to light it. Like A matchbox, which is drenched in the water, you will not have anything to light the candle. The darkness will surround you. Pitch darkness will surround you. Why you should suffer like this? Why you should go through this pain? After being the child of the Light, why do you have the desire to become the child of darkness? The desire of the world is not My desire. Your desire should not be that of the world’s. As clouds shower the rain, I showered My love upon you; with an everlasting loving kindness I loved you. I covered you with My gentleness. After all this, you did not like My cover, you did not like My shelter, you went away desiring for another shelter. Your hope will end up in vain. The hope that you have placed will end up in vain. The hope that you have placed on something or someone will all go in vain. The time is near. Repent.

You life is spent like a man who is running. Who will suffer loss, who will suffer pain, who will lament?  If you do not utilize your time, it is you. My heart groans for you. My heart is filled with sadness. My children are turning away and becoming children of a harlot. Like a man who is enticed by a harlot, My children are also following her.  Her ways are evil. It will be sweet in the beginning but in the end, it will be like a deep pit. No one will be there to lift you up. Do not go behind the great harlot the Jezebel. You do not need her dancing and her songs. You do not need the lust of your body. It will all die soon; but when your soul and you spirit stands before the Most High God what will be in your hand. Woe! Woe! My children are all going astray.  Woe unto them who makes My children to go astray. False Prophets, false teachers woe unto you because you are making My people to go astray. They will face death; their latter life will be more pathetic than their former life. The y will face stricter condemnation.

My People, My People, What did you lack when you are with Me? Is the entertainment or the pleasure of this world is important to you? Is that outweighs My grace? is that outweighs My love? Why can’t you sacrifice for My sake; for the sake of righteousness, for the sake of Justice, for the sake of My Love. Why can’t you sacrifice? Why do you have to go behind it, so that you are defiled and profaned and finally end up in the pit? Why can’t you sacrifice?

The adversary surrounds you like evil eyes and ready to swallow you. Do not get caught in his hold. He will drag you in the streets; he will pile you up as a dead body, where the beasts of the earth and the beasts of the air will feast on your flesh. That is his ultimate aim. Flesh that once adorned by you and was satisfied by your lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, will be exhibited as a public exposure. Your flesh will be discarded naked outside. Why do you have to be end up like that? When you know the true way, why you have to end up like that? When you have the grace of God, why you have to end up like that? Come back! When there is time, come back. The day is gone, the night is drawing near, the works of darkness is happening, the end of life is near; the door is open right now before it is shut because of the flood. When it is shut, it is too late; it is too late My son My daughter. Do not be rebellious. Do not be ignorant. Wash up your eyes and see around you what is going on. Come in to the Ark. Come to the Lord Jesus Christ. Come in to His shelter and be rescued. Come into His house. Oh My Love, My love extends beyond all your imagination. My grace abounds beyond your imagination. At the same time, My judgment will also be just and it will be executed. So Repent and come back and enjoy the goodness of your Master Jesus Christ.