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Mat 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Sufficient is the day its own trouble. This is what Lord Jesus told us when talking about anxiousness and worrying. The same thing applies here when we are trying to know what our ministry is and whether what I am doing is under His will or not? The ministry that our Lord assigns us is something that is perpetual until our departure from this body or His coming, but to live for that ministry is something we do daily. When we rise up in the morning, our task is to fulfill His ministry for that day. He is not asking us to imagine how our ministry would be 5 yrs from now or 10 yrs from now. He wants to live in His fullness and execute the task for that day. For example if you were appointed in a supermarket as a General Assistant, now you know the common duties that you need to perform. But the manager or supervisor to whom you report can call you and ask you to work as a cashier one day, the other day he might ask you to arrange the products in the shelves. The manager will ask you to do only the task that comes under that general post that you were appointed to. He will not ask you to take the role of a butcher to cut meat; because manager has someone else specialized on that area. In this example, what is the will of the manager for you? The general will is that you work in his store as an assistant. Under this appointment, he directs each day to perform certain tasks for the benefit of the store and according to his plan. Put this perspective to your calling and to your ministry, and then you can know what is His will and what is the task that He wants us to do according to His will everyday.