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Numbers 25, Numb 31:14-16, Rev 2:14

How can we bring the works of darkness inside our kingdom camp? The devil allures the goats that are roaming around the fence to be seduced and thereby they go outside the camp (Will of God) and are contaminated and come back inside the camp with the works of darkness. Let us look at the incident where the Israelites committed sin with the women of Moab.

According to the counsel of Balaam, these women in Moab allured the Israelites to their city. Now those who are attracted towards the flesh went behind them. When they are in one of the city of Moab, they were invited to the sacrifices of their idol Baal. The Israelites, who were there ate and bow down before Moab’s idol. This is an abomination before the LORD God. Because of the seduction of these women, they can not resist the temptation of the flesh and committed sexual immorality.

Now some Israelite men brought their Moabite women to the camp of Israelites and while they were doing this, the plague started inside the camp because of this sin. They introduced to their brethren the new works of darkness and the strange flesh. This is the infiltration of the enemy inside the camp; wolves with the sheep’s clothing. This infiltration is the result of the counsel of Balaam. The counsel of Balaam who offered Balak a counsel to make the children of God to sin is generally called doctrine of Balaam. What is the doctrine of Balaam?