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Numbers 25, Numb 31:14-16, Rev 2:14

If we look at the giving end of the doctrine, they are outsiders, but wearing the name of Christ and roaming around the church campus with the sheep’s clothing. They are the servants of the devil and sorcerers like Balaam. They are the carriers of the evil seducing spirits and destroyers of the weaklings. They counsel the church elders and pastors to fall into the trap of this seduction to put a stumbling block in the form of worship or other activities before the weak and possibly to the strong. Why they do that? because of their greed. Balaam saddled to King Balak because he was greedy. God did not allow him to curse, but he counseled Balak to seduce the Israelite men and thereby God’s wrath will fall on the camp of Israel and they will be destroyed in front of Moab. This is the ultimate aim, that is the aim of our adversary, and that is the aim of the Balaam’s in our churches today. Beware of them; expose the work of the devil like how Phinehas showed the zeal for the Lord by destroying the infiltration of the work of darkness. In Numbers 31, Moses was angry with the captains and officers of the Israelites that they failed to destroy the women those who seduced the men of Israel. We need to eliminate these counselors and those who acquaint themselves with them. They are a serious danger for our marriages, children and youths.