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Jer 5:7-9, 26-29 & I Cor 5th Chapter

In our marriages today, the divorce rate is high; the main reason behind this is sexual immorality. When you are exposed to the doctrine of Balaam, the devil will send his evil seducing spirits to bring division between husband and wife. These seducing spirits will increase the sexual appetite of one partner and reduce the interest in the other. The result will be dissatisfaction among their relationship. When they are dissatisfied within their marriage, they look beyond their marital relationship for satisfaction and pleasure. Some get their satisfaction by doing deeds directed to self pleasure, which is not right in the sight of the Lord, and it would end up in abomination before the Lord.  Like this, the devil separates the marriages, induce the youths to chose wrong spouses and spoil the children by not concentrating on their studies. We are talking here about Christian churches, families, youths and children. Not outsiders.

Why it is happening, some Balaam with or without a spirit of divination gave an excellent counsel to attract the youth. In order to attract the youth, they bring the secular concepts into Christian songs, music and other activities. They bring the type of dance which are danced before the idols and originated in the depiction of idols and mix them with the Christian songs. All in the name of Christ.

Many churches don’t even discern this doctrine. Many are cold and living a compromised life in the name of grace. They use their liberty in grace and misusing or overusing the liberty. What are we doing about it who knew the truth? Are we going to keep quiet without eliminating them from the congregation? If we do not have the opportunity to expose them or expel them, are we at least in a position to separate ourselves from these infiltrations?