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Prov 29:26 Many seek the ruler’s favor, But justice for man comes from the Lord.

To understand better, how His will is executed through the favor of men, let us look at a simple example. According to the word of the Lord in Mat 6:10, God clothes us more than the lilies of the field.  For those in abundance, at any given point of time they will have two or more dresses to wear. Some has a dress that is bought for once in a lifetime event and it would be hanging in the closet for years without any use. This is one’s abundance and it is made possible by God according to His mercy. Remember God shows mercy on both good and evil. Many in this world does not have this abundance, they have only rags or not having a single dress to wear on a given day. Now if God clothes all His created beings then how did they not have the dress on them? What happened to His will for them? This is where the favor of men comes into picture. He already instructed through scripture, that if you see someone without a dress give one of yours whether you have in abundance or having only two dresses. He wants you to be merciful for that person to execute His will towards the man/woman with no dress. He moves your heart with compassion to fulfill His will. The favor that you show to others who are in need is what we call mercy. God’s mercy fulfills God’s will for some one else through us is as water poured down through a funnel.

For those, who are in need, seek the Lord’s favor and the Lord will move the hearts of men. For those who have in abundance, when God moves you to show mercy or render favor to anyone, do not fail to do that. If we do one of these according to our situation, then we will be in under the will of God by fulfilling God’s will in other’s life.