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In Mat 13:24-30, the enemy planted tares along the wheat. Likewise, the enemy will also implant some ways which is identical to the ways of the God but the end the devil’s way always lead us out of the will of God. We may have many tunnels or ways to reach what God wants us to do under His will for His kingdom. But among those tunnels there are some tunnels which may look identical to the real one but was constructed and placed before us by the enemy. If we by accidentally or by the looks of it enter into it, that tunnel will lead us out of God’s will. The end of the enemy’s tunnel would lead us outside the perimeter of God. That is how sometimes we find ourselves outside the will of God in our spirit. If you are outside His perimeter and you are a child of God then you are in a vulnerable position. So it is better to repent reconcile and get back into the perimeter. If you are half way and you realize that is not the right path, just turn back and start fresh. If you cannot turn back, rely on God’s grace, repent and ask Holy Spirit to lead you back into the will of God. To avoid this, let us not go behind religiosity or external manifestation of supernatural powers or someone who wears a mask of prophet and foretelling the way that you should go. All these traps of the enemy will look good from the outside, but once you are in, then you are lost in wilderness. God loves His children; He gives them freewill to roam around inside the perimeter of His will. Let us be watchful and sober to identify enemy’s tunnel and avoid them.