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All flesh is grass, and all its loveliness is like the flower of the field. The grass withers, the flower fades, because the breath of the Lord blows upon it; surely the people are grass (Isa 40:6-7). When you know what to give to your children, will I not know what to give for My children? You know how to buy fish and honey and eat, but will you not know how to receive the precious pearls and honey from Me? Why you don have the heart to receive it from Me? The Lord God Almighty the Maker of heaven and earth is saying these words.  Come to Me, I will wash your wounds, I will clean your wounds, I will put oil, I will heal those wounds. The pain, the sufferings you go through, which you have it as a mark on the body, why you are not bringing it to me to be cleansed. The sun shines bright; the moon gives its light; the stars of heaven decorate it. Who did all these? How was it created? With God, nothing is impossible. When there is My presence there is victory. Do you believe it? If you believe it, go forth and do the same for others. Whatever I do, you will do that is what I said, Is it not what Jesus Christ the Savior said? Then why are you sitting? Why are you lame? Go forth. Your missions and visions will follow you. You oh My son stand fast hold your post and speak the words of mercy; speak the words of love; speak the words of warning; speak the words of encouragement; that they may hear it and enjoy the goodness of God; such an extent I love My children.


I want to stand for My children But My children reject Me and go over to somebody else. They voluntarily say, ‘I don’t want you! I don’t want you!’ and go to so many other places wandering with no father or mother with no one to help them. Moreover, they name themselves. Oh My children, I see your wounds; I see you afflictions; I see your pains; I see you from far off. You may be good today, but it is coming. The pain that you can not endure; the suffering that you can not take; the smashing and gnashing of teeth, cursing, hatred, longing for death will be there. The more you seek death, the more it will run; the more you will seek, more it will run. It runs as though it saw a lion that is about to devour it.


You may never meet with what you are thinking or aspiring, My son. Why do you have to go this far? My daughter why you can not come to Me, for your wounds to be healed, for your sickness to be tended and healed? I will give you My Oil. I will give you My treasure; I will you My medicine. It will be worth, to taste it, healed by it and to run by that strength.


Oh Nations! How much I loved you! How many times I gathered you! How much I multiplied you! But lo, you have forgotten your Beloved. You are naming yourselves with His name and yet you do not live with the Beloved. Even though you use the words of the Beloved, but still you do not remember Him.  Though you tasted the fruits of His blessings, you forgot His purpose behind the blessings of the Beloved. What can I do to do you? How can I bring you back? How can I bring you back? What I shall I show, so that you can come back to Me. What sign can I show to you? What more I can give?  I gave you My Son. He died on the cross. Is it not a valuable sign for you? It is a tremendous sign. To carry a cross and die on it is a worthless attribute, a shameful attitude, a shameful thing in the past; yet, I gave you the cross as a sign, a powerful sign; a powerful banner to look upon and to hold it dear to your heart; to hold it as an eye of the beholder. But, you refused to do so. You don’t believe Me; even if you did, you did not follow Me. Do not follow vain things for just the sake of money and fame, or anything that makes you popular. Run from it; Look at the banner; look at the sign. A sign of a Savior, Who is hanging heaven above and earth below. Why He is hanging? For you only; for the redemption of this world and to save this world. I SENT MY SON JESUS CHRIST; and you dare to reject Him. Because you have other saviors in your mind. Do not be deceived. Others can not save you. Others words may speak about life, but there is no life in it; there is no life in it. The words of Life are only in Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Prince of Life. He is the Light of Life. The light that shines in the darkness; the light that shines upon the whole world; the light that glows in heaven; the light that is going to destroy the forces of darkness. How long? How long? You dress up everyday, go to work, do your things, eat, drink, relax and enjoy your days on this earth. Which is good for you, but at the same time, you have neither room nor thought or nothing comes to your mind regarding your Savior. You do not want to know how Holy Spirit likes to communicate with you; how He wants to spend time with you and how He loves you. The Lord will ask you one day; what will be your reply? I came to your door, and called you and knocked at your doorstep. But, you are so busy eating, drinking and relaxing.  Because the flesh covers your ear, a veil covers your eyes and heart. A veil of ignorance, a veil of impurities, a veil of darkness, a veil of this world, which stand in front of you and your Lord. Can you not see; can you not hear that.


When John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness ‘Repent the days are short, the axe is kept ready near the roots of the tree. Repent, you brood of vipers’, he cried. Who heard those? Those who heard found themselves worthy of repentance. Same way, the voice of the Holy Spirit cries out. He is crying out, Repent! Turn from your ways; the way that you go is wrong, the way that seems to be good, leads you to death. Turn from your ways, ask for the right Way and enter the narrow way. If you do this, you will survive to eternity. You will survive from the gates of fire. A fire that consumes, but it will not burn. You don’t have to know it, or afraid of it; because, if you chose the Way of Jesus Christ, you will be saved from the fire and from all the things. You can live a glorious life on this earth before God and reach to Him the reward that He will be placing for you. Oh dear ones, are you suffering today? Are you in peace with other saviors out of your ignorance? Are you ignoring the call that is coming into your heart every now and then; but still rejecting it? If you are in this situation now, it is the redemption time. Now is the day for you. Don’t delay . Submit to Lord Jesus Christ; Believe Him, confess Him as your Savior. Then wait and see what He wants to do with and for you for the kingdom of God. Is it not amazing? Is it not wonderful? You don’t have to spend any money or penny from your pocket; you don’t have to sit humpty number of times before preaching to receive this wonderful gift from the Lord. But you can take it freely; you can live by it; you can believe it; then you can see the harvest not among the foreign places but in your house and in your fellowship. Stand fast; run fast; cling fast. Eat while you can; drink when it is available; so that your heart will be filled. When your heart is full, respect the goodness of the Savior. God bless you My children, God bless you.


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