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Luke 9:41 – O faithless and perverse generation how long shall I be with you and bear with you?

If we are not able to hear Him because of our sin or our laziness or our fatness in our heart, then this will be His longingness towards the children of God. How long shall I be with you and bear with you? Without hearing, we cannot build our faith. One of the works of the Holy Spirit is to remind us what our Lord Jesus Christ spoke. He will bring to our remembrance what He spoke to His disciples and to this world. If we don’t hear it, then our faith that began in us will die or will not grow more than that. Without faith, we could go into complaining mode like the children of Israel (Num 14:27). He longs for us to have trust in Him and not to complain by comparing the world (faithless). It is impossible to please God without faith (Heb 11:6). He will be displeased with us, if we are not executing our faith. We should not compare with others; if we do, then our hearts will be weighed down with the complaints and we may not allow Him to explain His purpose for our life through His voice. He wants us all to execute our faith in boldness without comparing or complaining under the authority of the name Jesus Christ. His name is powerful and we need to trust in Him.