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Isa 50: 5  The Lord God has opened My ear; And I was not rebellious, Nor did I turn away.

Although the veil was destroyed during the sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ, many adorn themselves with veil of carnality, which hinders then not to hear from the Lord from the throne of His grace. Even though they are a NEW CREATION in the Lord, they cover that mind with these veils and not able to clearly distinguish the words. They only hear music but not the words from a song. We should understand the words and execute it.

When God says that you are rebellious because you are not hearing the word of God or turning away from the word of God, He says to the following groups of people.

  1. To whom He tore the veil of the carnality through the blood of Jesus Christ
  2. To whom He spoke and they could not hear because of their excessive focus on carnality
  3. To whom He spoke and they heard it and then they turn their backs to Him

If we are in one of this group, let us repent and have fellowship with Him by focusing on the things of God, live for God and be a witness for Him to bring God alone greater glory. Amen.