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II Sam 5: 17- 25

When the Philistines heard that they had anointed David king over Israel, they deployed themselves in the Valley of Rephaim for a battle. David inquired of the Lord and He instructed him to go straight and win the battle. Second time Philistines gather against King David at the same place for battle. This is where David trusted in the Lord in all instance even when the situation and problem is same as before. He was a warrior and he already won the battle in the same place against the same opponent. But he did not trusted in his might or power to go against them, but sought the counsel of God. He placed his confidence in the LORD even when he has the power and the resources to fight against Philistines. This is what God wants us to learn today. We have to place our confidence or trust in Him not only when the things are beyond our reach or ability or power, but also when it is within our power, reach or ability. This is the total confidence in the Lord. If we do this, then He will be our shield in all areas of our life and He will provide His counsel in all we do. Would you put your trust in Him whether it is small or great? Whether it is in your power to achieve or not? If you do then God will give you a breakthrough in all the things that you face.