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II Sam 5: 17- 25

When we put our complete confidence in Him even when the world can do it with its intelligence, medicine and money, what is the benefit for us? More greater to think about, where is the glory for God? If the medicine can cure a disease where is the glory for God if you are healed from that disease? If your savings can buy what you wanted, then where is God when you are buying what you wanted?  Some can say it is by God we can save some money. But it is also true in the life of David that because of God, he was able to become king. But still, he placed his confidence in ALL the things he did. The main difference here is in verse 24 “For then the Lord will go out before you to strike the camp of the Philistines.” This is the difference. When you put complete trust or confidence in the LORD, He will go before you as a cloud of pillar in the day and a cloud of fire in the night. Now is it not a great difference between the children of God and others? When He go before us, who can be against us? When He counsel us who can thwart those counsel? When He opens the door, who can close it? Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the LORD.

As we are finishing this year and awaiting a new year ahead of us, let us place our confidence in the LORD for all things both great and small with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Whether there is a medicine to heal or not, whether there is enough money to buy or not, whether our future looks bright or not, in all situations let us learn to put the trust in the Lord. When we do this, then our God will go before us. He will change the healing into divine healing; He will change the things that we buy to be a blessed and useful one for us; He will make our days bright even when it is gloomy, with His cloud of fire. He will give us a victory in all our battles like how David said “The Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water.” May the LORD guide us through His Spirit in the fellowship of His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ throughout our walk in Him. Amen.