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Scripture Passage: Mark 7:24-30

The second thing we can learn from the above passage is approaching God with humility. Here the Syro-Phoenician woman heard what the Lord said and then humbled herself not only by her action which is ‘falling at His feet’ but also spoke the words in humility. Her reply changed everything in her life and her daughter’s life. Our spoken words do have significance either it is to God or it is to a man. She did not fast here or any other such things to humble her. But what she did was to go to His presence; fell on His feet, and in faith, persistently and humbly presented her supplication to the Lord. Today we don’t have to use the same wording as it was mentioned here, but we can approach God as a child with inheritance. Since we are redeemed by His blood and adopted as His child through the Holy Spirit, we can approach God as a child persistently and humbling ourselves before God even in our words of supplication.