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Ecc 8: 5-6 He who keeps his command will experience nothing harmful; And a wise man’s heart discerns both time and judgment, 6 Because for every matter there is a time and judgment, Though the misery of man increases greatly.

In Ecc 8th chapter the wise king Solomon writes about discerning the time and judgment. Can anyone discern the time and the judgment proclaimed? In this chapter he mentions for every matter there is a time and judgment. In the reign of King David, he had the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do (I Chro 12:32). Understanding time is to know what to do in a given time. Like, a time to sow and a time to reap; a time to sleep and a time to be awake. So this is the understanding of times when it comes to earthly life. But in this chapter the wise man is referring to something else when he talks about discerning times and judgment. He talks about the time of life, death and its associated judgment. If a king sentence a death sentence to one of the evil citizen, then there is a time appointed to him to die. Death is the judgment for the evil from the king. The citizen can not escape from this judgment unless the king shows mercy towards him. So who knows the time of his death? The time of his death is in the king’s hand. This is what he wanted to point out in this chapter. We have seen how we are made in Christ Jesus, let us also meditate on discerning the time and judgment that is given to us in the new covenant in Christ Jesus in light of this wisdom from the wise King Solomon.