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Gen 2: 16-17 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat;  17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

Gen 3: 4 Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.

To understand the life what our Lord spoke and gave it to us through His death, we have to go back to creation. When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they had the option to eat all fruits except the tree of knowledge (good and evil). This option is including the fruit from the Tree of Life. God told them when they eat the fruit of knowledge they will surely die (Gen 2:17). When God said to man, when you eat the fruit ‘you shall surely die’, the devil said ‘you shall not die’. This lie was a direct violation of the commandment and it led to disobedience. Today also, this is what is happening in the lives of sons of disobedience. When God says to their heart that they will die if you do not get hold of life, then the devil come by them and whisper ‘ You shall not die’. So they are comforted in their heart that they will not die and it is OK for their souls. Who can turn them back into obedience? Devil is very successful nowadays in closing the doors of the gospel through entertainment and religious fanaticism. He hides men’s soul with entertainment, food, party, drugs etc… When their heart is comforted with the world, there is no way they may turn back to God’s obedience. They shut the ears to gospel and the truth in it because of the lies of the great liar. Countless people are dying without life because of one lie ‘you shall not die’. Those who seek truth and ignore Satan’s lie will find life in Jesus Christ through obedience to the gospel.