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Judges 7:1-8

When God saw many soldiers are willing to fight against the Midianites, He wanted to filter them out. Why you may ask? We have a great harvest and need more laborers in the field, but why is He filtering them out. Because He does not wants to slowdown neither His purpose nor He wanted the flesh to boast on its own resources. First He filtered those who are in unbelief and afraid of the enemy. Second He filters those who are seasoned in the way of men. He chose those who showed the courage and faith in the Lord and Gideon, and then He chose who are raw in their attitude. God looks for these kinds of men and women for His purpose and glory in these days. He is looking for men to be raw and molded by Him and not by the way of men and traditions. He trains them on the Job because the seasoned well cooked professionals are complacent and relaxed in their blessings. You can say, if they are not cooked well, they could be trapped by deception. Yes there might be a possibility but a man of courage and full of Holy Spirit and full of faith in the Lord could be much more powerful, overcome deceptions and potent than those who are well cooked. Because today the well cooked men are cooked in the deception and they are not able to change because they could not be cooked again. Stephen full of Faith and the Holy Spirit spearheaded many hearts of men before His death. Philip ran in the power of the Holy Spirit. Gideon and his three hundred men tasted the victory against a multitude of an army. Likewise, God will use these few raw men and women in His field, to harvest the massive crops that are ripe.

Who is on the Lord’s side? Step forth; you do not need any qualifications, you do not need to be seasoned by the ways of men. You just need to believe and step forth in faith and in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Are you thinking that you do not know the scriptures? Are you thinking that you do not have enough degrees to serve the Lord? Leave aside all these and focus on the Lord and the ground to cover for the Lord, your faith will be quickened by the power of the Holy Spirit and you will be a mighty instrument in the hand of the Lord. Just believe in the Lord and step forth. May the Lord God of Israel, who is God Almighty for both near and far, will guide your hearts to conquer the enemy’s territory and posses the inheritance that is kept in front of you. Amen.