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Scripture passage : Mark 5:1-20

17: Then they began to plead with Him to depart from their region.

The people in this city, because of their unbelief, did not allow our Lord in their territory. But our Lord sent another man (who was delivered from his bondage) as His instrument to proclaim the works of God in these territories. Knowingly or unknowingly people who are possessed by unbelief draw themselves a region or territory. When this territory is invaded by someone who is not their allies, then they are very much agitated and come for war against the intruders. There are many territories that are being formed by the works of the devil. Like territory of sheep clothed wolves, Pharisees, boasters of flesh (legalistic) etc… The work in God’s kingdom is to go into these territories and win over them for Christ and our God. This is the spiritual war that we are fighting. When Apostle Paul was assigned a ministry, he was given a territory of those who are blind with unbelief and ignorant. Our Lord gave him a vast territory to conquer for God, those who are in darkness and those who are under the power of Satan.

Many claim ‘enlarging the borders’ or ‘enlarging their tents’ to increase the wealth, fame and authority over innocent God’s children. But the real deal for us is to conquer these territories which are under darkness and under the power of Satan, according to the territory to which our Lord is sending, for Christ and to the Glory of God.

Thought of the Day: Can we fight this good fight? Submit to God and fight in these territories.