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Scripture passage : Mark 5:21-43

35. While He was still speaking, some came from the ruler of the synagogue’s house who said, “Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?”

We live in this world with full of limitations. There are many things that are beyond the control of science, technology or medicine. These things can go only to a certain limit. Those who live in this confinement will always tend to say to others or themselves “Why trouble the Teacher any further?” The natural logical thing for a dead girl is to bury her and that is the limitation. There is nothing much one can do about a dead body. This is the same statement these men from the house of Jairus told him while he was coming along with our Lord. When natural things come to an end that is when our faith in the Lord should leap to God’s Holy Mountain. Our Lord heard it and Jairus not even asked the Lord what to do, but He replied “Do not be afraid; only believe”.  The power of these words and the assurance of these words of God will only become reality in our lives when we fully trust God when the natural limitation shows up. All things are possible to him who believes in the Lord. So when we believe in the Lord, then all the limitations of the natural thing becomes a starting point of a glorious nature of the Lord for the glory of God the Father. Do you believe? If yes, then you can in Christ Jesus defy the laws of nature, curse, sin and flesh.

Thought of the Day: When we limit ourselves with the limitations of the world, then we are missing out God’s purpose in our lives.