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Scripture Passage; Numbers 14:39-44

The Israelites when they journeyed from Egypt to the Promised Land, they were led by God through the pillar of cloud and fire throughout the whole journey and they did not encountered any cross roads. The plan of God is that they should not face any cross roads if they obey in the first place. Even when they faced the red sea it was not a cross road but a road that they have to go through it. When they did not want to enter the land of Canaan because of their unbelief that is when God has to provide them another path to reach the Promised Land. It is not the cross road but an alternate path because of their unbelief. When you believe the Lord and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, then you will always take the straight road. When there is unbelief then you will take the alternate path. Alternate path is not given to you first but it was formed when you fail to believe the Lord’s leading. When the Israelites wanted to fight again following the original path once the new path is set, the wrath of God came upon them. They could not walk on the original path when they wanted to do so again.

Thought of the Day: Is this so in the new covenant? Can we not go back to the original plan of God if we mess up?