“…do not come near me I am holier than you” Isaiah 65:5

Many today are talking about remnant. Many are talking about holiness. These are all important no doubt about it. But the adversary devil is rising up a group of people in Christianity that too those who are calling themselves as anointed to call up for a false separation using the verse Mat 10:34-36.  This group of people calling for separated life between husband and wife, between ignorant, weak Christians and themselves etc…They also label them as unholy and disobedient believers without proof or any credible witness and solely by ‘Revelation’.

What Mat 10:34-36 teaches us is about the distinction that our Lord brings within the family where father is a believer and son is an unbeliever or the other way round. So in the same family some will be believers and some will be unbelievers. So this is a distinction between light and darkness. God asks us to be a light in the midst of darkness and not to be separated from them. Even though the faith is different between the family members the underlying family relationship is not gone unless the unbeliever decides to walk away from the family or when an unbelieving family member kicks the believer out of the family or the unbelieving family member(s) is forcing the believer to do something against Christ. This is what Jesus our Lord talks in the later part of that verse saying if you love anyone more than me then you are not my disciple. Using this verse and calling for a separated life is immature and not knowing the counsel of God regarding separation.

False Separation:

A false separation is the one that fails to show the love of Christ to those who are weak and heavy burdened.

A false separation is the one that creates division and dissension within the body of Christ.

A false separation brings out pride, lack of witness, lack of fruit of the Holy Spirit, disunity and quarrel among the families.

Biblical Separation:

A Biblical separation is not about whom to love and whom not to love. But it’s about what to love and what not to love.

A Biblical separation in how we live separated life from the worldly lust

A Biblical separation is not about separating from a weak or lame or ignorant believer. Rather separating, you who are strong in faith have to correct them and strengthen them in their faith.

Obedience is better than the sacrifice. Keeping you holy or serving God is a sacrifice but this should not precede Obedience. That is why Our Lord Jesus says that even if you prophesy, heal the sick and do a great service for me I will not know you, if you do not obey the will of God.

The will of God is already established regarding authority when it comes to church, family and marriage. The devil always wants the believers to rebel from this authority as he did when he rebelled against God. He gives people some thoughts, saying that the marriage is not happened by the will of God so you can separate or the other person is a worst sinner secretly or someone is unholy or the church elders are frauds and hypocrites. To some women, Satan convince them saying that Jesus is their husband and you can be separated from the earthly husband. This leads to false separation and false doctrines. The devil’s plan is always divide and conquer. That is why our Lord said that if a kingdom is divided, then it will fall (Mat 12:23).

When God appoints authority in fellowship or family or any ministry, then He fulfills His purpose through the authority like elders, husband or prophets. Any knowledge or revelation or voice that comes to you overruling the authority should always be tested thoroughly and mostly it is a deceiving thought or a revelation. If the authority in fellowship or ministry living in open sin and it was seen by other members and he is spreading wrong doctrines, then God could ask you to come out of the fellowship or ministry. But when it comes to family especially marriage, husband and wife should not be separated. Because God also said that what God has joined together, let not man separate (Mat19:6).

One of the supreme works of the Holy Spirit is bringing unity in the Body of Christ through love of Christ. The scripture says if anyone says I love God and hates his brother then he is a liar. The devil is a liar and father of all lies. So be watchful in how you love and treat others. If we do not obey the first commandment of God, then we are not even in the body of Christ. So obedience overrules sacrifice (I Sam 15:22). If you do not practice this then you are rebelling against the will of God. When God in Christ showered us with so much love, why can’t we show at least a fraction of that love to others? When God in Christ came to the lowest level to bring us up through His love, why are we hesitant to love others the way we should and live in unity? Unity among believers will manifest the power of the Holy Spirit and give us more confidence and boldness in Christ like the early church (Acts 4:37).The character of Christ should reflect in our lives and the fruit of the Holy Spirit is more important than the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Please repent and reconcile, God will give peace and stability in your life. Praise the Lord!