Luke 7:36-48

Grace is not something to identify a sinner and to acknowledge him but it is the power to save the sinner from the power of sin to the freedom. This is the power of God. Jesus said to whom much was forgiven will love Him more. Those who understood the power of Grace according to their sins will also know the freedom that comes within. People will not have narrow mind or passing judgments like Pharisee Simon in Luke 7 if they understood the power of Grace. So if you think you are forgiven a little then you need to ask God to open your understanding of Grace so that you will not judge people so lightly but with righteous judgment. When Jesus said judge with righteous judgment, He was reflecting based on the power of Grace to judge. So let me ask you who has known the full power of the Grace of God?

His name is Holy Spirit. And He is the Spirit of Grace.

He is the only one to convict and to judge in this world now. He was the sent One from God the Father to be with us so that we will not be orphaned. Unless a man understand that he is in the power of sin and wants to be free from it, he cannot receive or understand the power of Grace. This thirst of freedom will lead a man to look for redemption from this power of sin. Many take various steps to get freedom from this power. When a man is oppressed by two different forces within him he faces an internal conflict on his own. When this conflicts push him to the core he either burst out or goes into depression. What is this internal conflict? It is the knowledge of God that He had put in the hearts of men vs. the power of sin. More the conflict more the guilt!

So when he is not taking it anymore that is when he seeks help through various means. Suicide, drinking, drugs etc… When he try to cover up or soothe the conflict with entertainment, sin and drugs, either he lose the soul or he goes more into the lion’s mouth that is the power of sin. Somehow when he learns about Jesus and believes in Him and His redemption, then the conviction of the Holy Spirit and repentance comes in. When repentance on its way the power of Grace sweeps that person and delivers him from the power of sin. (Repentance dying with Christ and resurrection is rising with Him in new life). So a new inner man is born. Spirit gives birth to spirit. At this stage he understands the power Grace based on the power of his past sinful life according to his understanding. The magnitude of the debts that was pardoned is only known to him. So he equates that to the power of Grace in his life.

The problem comes when he grows in the Christian life and he uses that magnitude to judge others both believers and non believers. He limits the forgiveness based on this magnitude of grace that he has experienced. That is why we see lots of people are gossiping judging and unforgiving in their life. The degree of these entities varies by individual.

The love of Christ is the power of Grace. We need to ask God to give this understanding to know how deep, how wide, how high and how big this love of Christ is. This is what Paul prays in Eph 3. When we realize this love of Christ and grow in it, then we will receive the fullness. At this point of fullness, God may put us in a position to judge with righteous judgment in the church. No one can know the love of Christ fully, but we can keep on knowing, growing and discern according to our understanding of the power of Grace. By the grace of Lord Jesus Christ, let us love one another unconditionally and grow in His grace. Amen.