2 Kings 18:35-36

35 Who among all the gods of the lands have delivered their countries from my hand, that the Lord should deliver Jerusalem from my hand?’”

36 But the people held their peace and answered him not a word; for the king’s commandment was, “Do not answer him.”


Even though we know that nothing is impossible with God, why we don’t receive the answer to our request?

We have faith that our Savior can move mountains but still we are not able to go past a small rock in our path? Why?

Do we lack faith or is it unbelief or it is not God’s will?


For some of you everything will be abundant but only one request is still pending like in the life of father Abraham. For some, there will be nothing going good in your life and you are hanging by a thread between life and death. For you, all your requests are pending. In these scenarios what would you think of your belief in God?


One day because of my pain, I prayed a prayer to God for deliverance in my life. As soon as I submitted my request there was a reasoning thought and when I heed the thought it naturally skid me into a mental conversation within me. When I stopped the conversion and look at what I was speaking in my thought I was actually thinking how I would respond if the deliverance do not occur and what should be my action to it. Now suddenly out of nowhere God spoke to me and He pointed out what I am doing. He said even though you think that I can move mountains and you have belief in Me and prayed a prayer of rescue, your thoughts did not agree with your belief and faith.

Then my reasoning went like this perhaps Satan is putting the thoughts in me and it is not mine own thoughts.  Surely it could be Satan to begin the seed but I know, I am the one who watered with my unbelief and the result was a glorious tree with leaves and branches but do not have the fruit of faith. So now what would God do to my prayer? Think about it.


We pray the prayer of faith and we nullify the same prayer by our unbelief through our thoughts or actions or spoken words. So how can we expect anything from God?


There are two ways that we can be unbelief in our thoughts.

  1. Thoughts that we engage in our own self (Because of fear, expectation, desperate situation etc…)
  2. Thoughts that arose because of our surroundings (Unbelief words of our friends or family, unexpected event that happened etc…)


Hezekiah commanded the people not to have conversation with Rabshakeh when he was foaming with deceit, lies and unbelief towards the God of Israel. Likewise we should not engage in a conversation with unbelief, lustful and evil thoughts. This will lead us into more problems mentally and sometimes physically. This is the way that devil attacks us with the thought of unbelief and we have to defend it by faith. We should not expand our inner conversation if it leads to unbelief, we have to rebuke the thought in the Name of Jesus and have victory over unbelief. This is a secret plague that affects our spiritual life and God will give us victory through the name of Jesus and Holy Spirit will teach us when it is time to rebuke our own thoughts of unbelief.


It was amazing to see how fast the devil plants the tare of unbelief through our surroundings immediately after the prayer of faith. One of the parable points out that Satan came on the same night and sowed the tare. Both will grow together but if we yield to the pressures of tare then we will be destroyed. But if we resist the tare then we will have a plentiful fruit. So don’t let the surroundings of unbelief affect our faith. Peter as soon as he removed his eyes from the Lord and looked at the waves he sank, but if we look only to Jesus, our faith would be strong. He is the ONE who can make everything from nothing. Halleluiah! Amen.