Luke 14:7-11

  1. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Our Lord says here in this example to humble ourselves in everything we do. Be it a worldly thing or it be of spiritual living. Always we should choose to humble ourselves. We get many opportunities to exalt ourselves. In those scenarios we should choose to humble ourselves. Many today exalt in the spiritual gifts that they received by the grace of God. Some exalt in themselves with their natural talents. Some exalt that they live holy and righteous lives. When they exalt, they automatically degrade their fellow brothers and sisters. Proud words comes out of their mouth like ‘I am much stronger in the Lord than you are’. When Jesus sees your proud speech, He will say that the other person will receive great honor than you in the kingdom of God. In your fellowship or friends or family there will be people of faith with different strength. Or in other words, some may be stronger in faith than you and some may be weaker. When you see a weak person in faith, with gentleness help him to grow beyond your faith and you humble there for that purpose. If you speak with proud words, then you are weaker in faith than the other person. Encourage and build the weak in faith. By doing this you are humbling before God. Fasting with pride leads to destruction of one’s soul. Because you are humbling before satan and raising your feet before God. God will destroy you or reject you. So do not give yourselves to satan to fill your heart with pride. if you are proud, Holy Spirit will leave from you. Spiritual pride leads to death. Physical pride leads to dishonor.

So let us choose to humble ourselves in any situation. This does not mean that we should not rebuke the evil woks that is happening among us and be humble. But we have to humble ourselves in loving others and by carrying burdens of others on our shoulder. Let us not seek to exalt ourselves but let us continually seek to exalt Christ our Redeemer.

A prideful bride is a naked woman with a shameful attitude rejecting the authority of Christ.