Psalm 106:13-14

13 They soon forgot His works; They did not wait for His counsel,
14 But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, And tested God in the desert.

I Sam 13:5-14


Philistines were gathered against the Israelites like the sand of the sea. Israelites were in fear, distressed and ready to flee from Saul. Saul was hard pressed by his own people and did not know what to do. In those days the word of God was delivered through prophets to the children of God. Samuel asked Saul to wait for him for a SET time of 7 days (I Sam 13:8). But when Saul saw that people are fleeing and the set time of Samuel has passed by, he went ahead and offered the offering without Samuel. Samuel was not pleased and rebuked Saul for his hasty action. Because of this act, Saul did not received the counsel of God through Samuel. The redemption of the Israelites came from Jonathan but the kingdom was technically removed from Saul and the Lord planned to give the Israelites a different king who will act according to His own heart.


Waiting is always a painful thing. When things falls around us or presses hard against us we are forced to a corner and feel that we are lonely and no help whatsoever by anyone; sometimes it looks like God forgot about us. Satan tells lies at this time and question whether God is among us or not? So what do we do? Do we wait for His counsel to act or we act on behalf of God through our own strength and wisdom to come out of the dire straits?
According to the scriptures we should wait for His Counsel. Wait for His counsel even though you are not in a position to wait. The Lord knows that you are in trouble. The Lord knows that the battle is getting intense. The Lord knows the oppressing tactics of the enemy towards you. So when He says wait, wait patiently even though the SET time is passed. Wait for the counsel to come from the Lord. When you wait for His counsel, you will win the battle under His Banner. The faith in the name of Jesus Christ will be quickened through His counsel. And He will deliver you from the situation that presses you. He will go before you when you walk in His counsel. So wait on the Lord for His counsel and do not act hastily to any situations.

He that stand forth in the presence of the Lord Jesus, will taste the wonderful fruit of victory. The Lord will give him rest and strengthen him in due time. So do not be afraid and do not be frightened for the Lord God is with you through His Spirit and you will be victorious. Hallelujah! Amen!