Psalms 91:8  Only with your eyes shall you look,
And see the reward of the wicked.

The Lord God almighty the Maker of heaven and earth tells us ‘You shall see! You shall see the light, you shall see the deliverance, and you shall see the victory’.


He opens the eyes of the blind; He opens the understanding of our heart to see the glory of God. Then we will shout, ‘I saw the glory of God! I saw the glory of God!’ What a revelation to us to see the glory of the living God in the form of Jesus Christ. Have we seen Him as Wonderful? Have we seen Him as Counselor? Have we seen Him as Mighty God? Have seen Him as Everlasting Father? Have we seen Him as Prince of Peace? If we can see Him, then we will see the salvation of the Lord. We will see His deliverance. We will see with our own eyes the destruction of the enemy.


In such a time as this there arise a great need for the saints to see the mighty revelation of Christ in their life. Without the revelation you cannot stand the trial; you cannot pass through the fire of refinement; you cannot await the coming of our Lord.


Hear me oh chosen of God let not your heart be troubled but let it be established in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


You shall see, you shall see the deliverance and the reward of the wicked. As Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed instantly, you shall see the destruction of the wicked one.


Rejoice you barren; rejoice you bore many. Rejoice you rich and poor; rejoice you who suffer and joyful. The end of all thing is at hand so renew your mind through the everlasting Fountain of Living Water and see the glory of God. Him, our Lord Jesus, you should seek and love, and worship the Father in heaven.


Blessed is he who can see the glory of God

Blessed is he who can stand till the end

Blessed is he whose name is written in the book of life


Come Lord Jesus Come.