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Isaiah 41:13

For I am the Lord your God
    who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
    I will help you.

You who are a failure or thinking that you have failed, do not fear, God is with you to help you. The Lord God is holding your hand and speaking to you, fear not, I am with you and I will help you. This word really encouraged me when I was in deep frustration and discouragement. I thought to myself that I am a failure in His ministry, family and every other things that I pursued and I will never please God. But God spoke to me with those above words to strengthen me. How loving and caring is our God. I learnt a truth that I am not holding His hand but He is holding my hand. So even when we want to run from His presence He will not leave us. What a great Father we have in Jesus. The Lord God was with Joseph even when he was wrongly accused and sent to prison. The same God who is with him in the prison was also with him to resist the temptation. He gave his best by running away from the sin and the result was failure according to the worldly standards because he was sent to prison. In the end God was with him and helped him to fulfill his purpose. He was sent to Egypt as a slave before his brethren and his father’s house to save them from a deadly famine. So one day your failures will be turned into blessings for you and for your entire family. You will be a blessing to others when you run away from sin and trust in His awesome promises. So fear not, God is with you to help you. Amen