About this blog:
Dear All,
This blog is to update every day with one pearl from God through His Word and His Spirit. I pray to God that these pearls will bring edification, comfort, warning and encouragement in your life every day and help you and me to grow in Him and live a pleasing and holy life approved by God.

About Us: We as a family recently joined as a new servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We still can smell the freshness of our appointment letter that was given to us by our Lord to work in His kingdom.

To earn my living in this earth, God has provided me a work in the suburbs of Philadelphia, to work as a software consultant for now. I praise God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, for all the things that He has intended to do in our midst. All glory to God. Amen.

Website: www.thetrumpetofGod.com
Contact email: isolomon1999@gmail.com
May God bless you
Solomon & Family

Wisdom of God is like a river- The more we dive deep and latch on to the deep streams the more wisdom we are filled with.


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